Transformative training for conscientious learners.

Hi, we're Michael & Maša Ofei, and we're building a library of online courses to help you live with less stuff and more intentionality.

Minimalist Money

A simple step-by-step framework to help you clear your debt and embrace the philosophy of minimalist debt-free living. 

Productivity For Couples

A motivating system to help you and your partner feel like a winning team that can accomplish anything together.

Productivity Bundle

Get access to transformative training to help you stay organised while embracing a debt-free lifestyle.
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Detox Your Bathroom

Design your very own toxin-free bathroom that you and your family can trust day-in and day-out.
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Minimalist Blogging

13 powerful lessons to help you write meaningful content and lead a deeply engaged audience for your blog.
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Minimal-Waste Kitchen

A proven system to sustainably reduce waste in your kitchen.
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Minimalist Vegan Wardrobe

A step-by-step guide to help you create an iconic style without compromising your values.
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Our training philosophy

  • We only teach what we have deep personal experience with.
  • Our ideas for course topics come serving our audience at The Minimalist Vegan.
  • Our lesson structure is simple and to-the-point.
  • We challenge students as much as we inspire them.
  • We're committed to updating our course content regularly to ensure they remain relevant (this is communicated to our students and subscribers).
  • We don't believe in opening and closing enrolments. You can take our courses whenever you like on your own terms.