Detox Your Bathroom by Michael & Maša Ofei

Detox Your Bathroom

Design your very own toxin-free bathroom that you and your family can trust day-in and day-out. Sign-up below to get notified when this course becomes available:

Put an end to the graveyard of toxic products nesting in your bathroom cabinets.

In the back of your mind you’ve always wanted to…

  • Remove any guilt you feel for the bathroom products you use.
  • Put an end to the chopping and changing of beauty products and finally find your rotation.
  • Reduce the amount of decisions you have to make about your bathroom.
  • Find bathroom products you can trust.

…then this course ladies, is for you!

In this 10 lesson program, I’ve included everything you need to know about detoxing your bathroom, including:

  1. Setting a vision for your bathroom.
  2. Why you should care about the impact of chemicals.
  3. The art of reading labels.
  4. What questions to ask when deciding to keep or buy a bathroom product.
  5. What you need to know about fragrance.
  6. Best tools to help you become a researcher.
  7. What does making an ethical product really mean?
  8. Making versus buying products.
  9. Essentials for a minimalist bathroom.
  10. Utilising natural fibres.

Note: this is a proposed lesson plan, and is subject to change as the course is developed. If you have suggestions of what you want to see in this program, sign up to our waiting list and email us directly.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Maša Ofei, co-founder of The Minimalist Vegan, a lifestyle blog that inspires people every day to live with less stuff and more compassion. I'm a certified health coach, and probably the strictest conscious consumer you'll ever meet! I love teaching and coaching women about how to eliminate toxic chemicals from their lives.