Minimalist Blogging by Michael & Maša Ofei

Minimalist Blogging

13 powerful lessons to help you write meaningful content and lead a deeply engaged audience for your blog. Sign-up below to get notified when this course becomes available:

Create impactful content that drives engagement and loyalty for your blog.

If you’ve always dreamed of…

  • Producing flagship content that defines your brand.
  • Building a loyal readership that eagerly awaits your latest posts.
  • Feeling proud of the work you've created.
  • Drastically increasing your engagement and trust with readers.
  • Establishing a blog that's unique and fresh.
  • Overcoming your fears and become a prolific publisher.
  • Having an abundance of ideas to share with your tribe.
  • Falling back in love with the process of blogging.

…then this course is for you!

In this 13 lesson program, I’ve included everything you need to know about Minimalist Blogging. What you'll discover:

  1. Understand the concept of Minimalist Blogging.
  2. Re-visit your unique selling proposition.
  3. Develop a consistent writing practice.
  4. Generate an infinite amount of blog topics.
  5. Master your authentic writing voice.
  6. Structure paragraphs for the modern internet.
  7. Prolifically complete your first drafts.
  8. Craft simple and engaging headlines.
  9. Produce professionally written posts without hiring an editor.
  10. Set the most important goal for your blog.
  11. Brand a memorable newsletter.
  12. How to market and distribute your blog posts.
  13. Conduct an effective audit of your archives.

Note: this is a proposed lesson plan, and is subject to change as the course is developed. If you have suggestions of what you want to see in this program, sign up to our waiting list and email us directly.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Michael Ofei, co-founder of The Minimalist Vegan, a lifestyle blog that inspires people every day to live with less stuff and more compassion. I love inspiring and teaching people about the art and science of blogging. I also firmly believe that your words can make a difference in the world.